February 2024 event (11th) has ended.

On Saturday, 2024/2/10, Uji Tea Event was held at Kyoto Prefecture Tea Association Center (located next to Takumi no Yakata).
This year we decided to offer original drinks (non-alcoholic cocktails) using tea at the event. There were two kinds of drinks this time.

Umami Matcha” – Uji matcha based on glutamic acid with the added umami of inosinic acid. The drink is richly flavored with the tartness of dried kiwi fruit and the sweetness of rum raisin chocolate.

Ginger Hojicha” – A hojicha-arranged drink for winter, with ginger to warm the body.

The ingredients for the delicious matcha green tea were obtained from a specialty store. The aroma is amazing even in small amounts.

This year we are also offering a hand-rubbed tea experience.
Most people have never done this before, so everyone enjoyed it.
This experience is free of charge, so we hope many people will try it.

Some of the teas made this time.
What kind of tea will be made next month?

You can also try tasting at the sales booth. Covered tea was very popular.

We would like to enhance the flea market corner as well.
The next event will be held on Saturday, March 2.
Please come and visit us, everyone!