Media Appearances

Past Appearances


Rakutai Shinpo

The Japanese Tea Show was covered on 4/9 at the Kyoto-fu Chagyo Kaikan.



Kansai Television Broadcasting Corporation "Foot Map

Samurai Tea People’s Japanese Tea Show as a person performing tea during a stroll in Uji City.



KBS Kyoto Television "Kirakin!

Two members of Gakutensoku came to the Samurai Tea House in Seika-cho to watch a Japanese tea show in the “Gakutensoku no Naruhodo XXX Studies” corner.



KBS Kyoto Television "Oyakamassan" (live broadcast)

Gyokuro brewed while performing in the studio of KBS Kyoto TV.



Monthly "Chanoma" (Tea Room) magazine

Interview with Samurai Tea Master Hiroyoshi Iwamoto appears in the web version of the monthly “Chanoma” magazine.



NHK Osaka TV "Gurutto Kansai Ohirumae

A digest of yesterday’s “Kyoichinichi” was featured as information on Kyoto.



NHK Kyoto TV "News 630 Kyoichinichi

Samurai Chajin’s Japanese Tea Show in Kizugawa City was featured in this article.



Rakunan Times "Uji Tea: PR at the show" (Japanese only)

The Japanese Tea Show was featured at the Hall of Uji Tawara in December 2015.


Main coverage


Experiences in the tea fields of Ujitawara

Japanese tea show, tea incense dressing, roasted tea making, tea picking in tea fields, hand-rolled tea making


Experience at Samurai Tea House in Seika Town

Japanese tea show, tea incense dressing, roasted tea making, matcha millstone experience, Japanese tea café


Japanese Tea Show

Japanese tea show, Japanese tea ceremony lecture, tea incense dressing


Tea Introduction

The charm of tea brewed in a teapot, tips for making a good cup of tea

Samurai Chajin provides a variety of information on tea. Please feel free to contact us for interviews and filming.