Japanese Tea Show

Tea show?!

The show alone lasts 30 minutes, and up to 2 hours if you include a Japanese tea ceremony experience such as tea incense dressing.

I want to do a show with tea!”

When I first thought of this in 2013, I had no idea what a tea show would look like, even though I said so myself. The water is hot, the teapot breaks if you drop it, and the tea is plain. Tea is a humble drink, and tea is all about enjoying the time that passes slowly and leisurely, so a “tea show” didn’t really ring a bell. I spent many days thinking about what I could do with tea, mumbling, “A show with tea, a show with tea…” I wondered what I could do.

What is the interesting thing about tea? How can we convey that interest? I just tried to formulate my ideas, take videos, and study them. By repeating this process, I was able to gradually create a form.

The first time I presented it to the audience was in 2015. Seven years have passed since then, and I have finally found something that I can say, “This is it! I finally found something that I could say, “This is it! That is the “Samurai Tea Master’s Japanese Tea Show.

Japanese Tea Show by Samurai Chajin

The traveling show will last approximately 30 minutes. We will brew various teas in different forms. Of course, everyone will drink the brewed tea.


The only thing you need to prepare at the venue is 3 conference tables. We will provide everything you need for the show, including tea.

We will also provide a power supply, parking space (1 car), and a washing area after the show.

The photo shows a remote Japanese tea show using zoom. We will do our best to respond to “Can you do this? We will do our best to respond to “Can we do this?