2023 Samurai Chajin’s Field Tea Picking Experience

(5/28) The 2023 tea picking experience has ended. Please look forward to future events.

Start Date April – June 2023 Please see the calendar for details
Experience time About 3 hours between 10:00-16:00. If you just want to pick tea, you can come at any time, but the tea picking for the one-step course usually starts at 10:00, 13:00.
Experience place: Samurai Chajin tea farm (Nieda, Ujitawara-cho) *Parking lot available
Fee 5,000 yen per person (2,500 yen for elementary school students, free for children under elementary school age) *Adults and elementary school students will receive a teapot!
Organized by Samurai Chajin

□Contents (the whole experience will take about 3 hours)
By going through the whole process, you will understand how various Japanese teas are made and learn how to make them yourself.
(1) Experience picking tea at a pesticide-free tea garden (20 min.)…You can either pick tea at a roten-en, where sencha is produced, or at the Oishita-en, where gyokuro and tencha (raw material for powdered green tea) are produced.
(2) Japanese tea making experience (45 min.): Steam the picked tea leaves to make Sencha, Gyokuro, and other rubbed teas (depending on where the leaves are picked on the day) and Tencha.
(3) Japanese tea show by Samurai Chajin (15 minutes)…Enjoy a performance by Samurai Chajin.
(4) Other tea making (15 min.)…Please enjoy what kind of tea you will make on the day!

*The experience may be cancelled on the day of the event (in that case, we will notify you via Twitter). If you are coming without a reservation, please check Twitter before you leave or make a reservation in advance if you have a specific date in mind.
If you are more than 4 people (excluding children under elementary school age), you can experience it even on weekdays if you make a reservation. Please let us know the date you would like to come on (sometimes our schedule is full).

We recommend that you check Twitter before coming or make a reservation in advance.