The first event hosted by Samurai Chajin has ended.

On Sunday, 4/9/2023, the Samurai Tea Master’s Japanese Tea Show at Kyoto Prefectural Tea Industry Hall (next to Takumi no Yakata) ended with success.
Thank you to everyone who came.
Until now, we have only gone to shows when we were asked to do a show on “XXX day, XXX time – XXX minutes”.
But for the first time, I planned the date, time, location, and overall content of the event by myself.

Not knowing what to do, I started making signs, thinking that I would need one, and the days went by,
I decided to start by giving it a try, even if no one showed up, and after about two weeks, the day of the event arrived,
I was still full of anxiety, wondering what I would do if no one showed up.
So when I saw people at the first show, I shouted in my heart, “Yeah! I shouted in my heart.

For the show, I brought a piece that I am very confident in.
I will be creating many more shows in the future, as I was able to gain many new insights and hints to make them better.

We were also able to take digest videos of the show, and I think I have some idea of the arrangements for creating an event from scratch.
It was a day that made me vow to continue to do different and more interesting things to convey the joy of Uji and Japanese tea.