samurai chajin(samurai tea master)

Japanese Tea Aiming for a Theme Park

We provide a space where you can “enjoy” Uji-cha (Japanese tea) and Japanese tea while experiencing Uji-cha and other teas and having Japanese tea shows in Ujitawara-cho and Seika-cho in the Yamashiro area of southern Kyoto Prefecture.

Samurai Chajin's Uji Tea Experience

Samurai Chajin Tea Experience Course

Samurai Chajin's house(Seika Town), Samurai Chajin's farm (Ujitawara Town)
Experience time: 2 hours
Fee (per person): 5,000 yen

This course is not only for those who think tea is interesting and want to learn more about it, but also for those who don’t know much about tea but would like to enjoy it. We invite foreign visitors to come and experience Japanese culture.

Samurai Chajin's Japanese Tea Show

Japanese Tea Show

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind show created by Samurai Chajin Hiroyoshi Iwamoto, a flair bartender who was ranked third in the world in 2003 in a competition to make cocktails by throwing bottles and shakers of liquor.

Samurai Chajin's Japanese Tea Show

Japanese Tea Workshop

Various courses on tea are available, including the history and types of tea, how to brew delicious tea, making various types of tea, and “Chakabuki,” a game in which participants guess the type of tea.


This is the YouTube channel of Samurai Chajin.
We shoot various videos related to tea, such as how to brew delicious tea, how to make tea, and how the taste changes depending on the temperature of hot water.
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Samurai Chajin recommended tea

Samurai Black Tea

This black tea reproduces the characteristic “straight shape” of Japanese sencha and gyokuro teas. This is a black tea that is hard to find anywhere else, so please check it.