The 4th Samurai Chajin event has ended.

On 7/8(Sat.) and 9(Sun.), 2023, we held a Uji tea event at Kyoto Prefectural Chagyo-kaikan (next to Takumi no Yakata).

The title of this year’s event was “Fun Guess Matcha”, a game in which participants guessed which matcha they had had before after drinking five different types of matcha. This year’s event was supported by the Kyoto Prefecture Tea Industry Chamber as in the previous event, and newly by the Kyoto Branch of the Japan Association of Tea Instructors.

The five different types of matcha also varied, three were from tea shops and two were from tea farmers. When I drank them, they certainly tasted different! Since this was our first attempt at a matcha chakabuki, we proceeded to drink each one slowly, explaining in detail the characteristics of the matcha and why we chose this matcha.

However, it is difficult to guess, which is true of all tea kabukis. This time, all the matcha were basically delicious, so I didn’t get drunk on matcha and it turned out to be a very educational event.

This was the first time we ran the event for two full days. It was interesting to see the different flow of people on Saturday and Sunday.

The millstone experience was also popular. We hope many people will try this experience.

We will have a different lineup for the next Matcha Chabukki with a different underlying theme!
Please look forward to it!