Shuwaen 2019 first tea

This year’s tea picking started with hand-picked tea on May 6 and ended with scissors harvesting on June 7.
Looking back, I feel that it was quite a hard year.

The hardest thing to deal with was frost damage, which came in April and May and blackened the buds that had already appeared. When they turn black, they no longer grow and die. This was not so bad, but there were many other growers’ fields that were completely wiped out.

However, within a month, the atmosphere was the same as it is throughout the year.
The work itself went smoothly.

The field to be returned this year. Finally, straw was shaken to make tencha in the traditional way.
The straw has a great shading effect and it is pitch black in the tea garden.

Tea rubbing remains fun.

This is the hardest part of the Tencha exhibit.
Well, it was a very short month.
I am grateful for the environment that allowed me to have this experience.