The 8th Samurai Chajin event has ended.

On Friday, 2023/11/3 (national holiday), we held an Uji tea event at Kyoto Prefectural Tea Industry Hall (next to Takumi no Yakata).
This time it was “Ocha Dozo” or tea dojo? No, no, tea, please!

This is a matcha chakabuki, you came here after seeing our post on instagram. This time, I changed the rules in various ways for the matcha chakabuki. It is interesting how changing the rules changes the message conveyed and which tea is more impressive afterwards. It shows the importance of changing the rules depending on the occasion.

Making hojicha is very popular.

We have become much more accustomed to dealing with tourists from overseas.
We will also increase the number of our Instagram feeds so that more people can enjoy the experience!