The 8th Samurai Chajin Hosts] Uji Tea Event

Uji Tea Event will be held on the 1st floor of Kyoto Prefectural Tea Industry Hall (next to Takumi no Yakata) in Uji City on Friday, 2023/11/3 (national holiday).

[Matcha Chakabuki] (Matcha drinking guessing game, from 2 people at any time. 1,000 yen per person)
[Green Tea Making, Hojicha Making] (Green tea making (500 yen per cup), Hojicha making (500 yen per cup) from 11:00 to 15:30 at the last registration.
[Tea sales]Sales of teas from the Samurai tea farm (gyokuro, matcha, tencha, sencha, roasted tea, and black tea).
[Tea Flea Market] Used tea utensils and other used tea utensils owned by Samurai Tea Masters are sold at low prices.
[Tea presentation] Let’s have a pleasant chat while brewing tea just like in the old days in Uji!