21 Ocha no Furusato Juku: Hands-on Exchange of Tea Picking Experience (How to Brew Delicious Tea + α)

On 5/18/2019, I gave a course on how to brew tea at the Uji Tawara Town General Cultural Center.
I usually participate as a Furusato Juku member, but this time I was assigned to teach the course as a Japanese tea instructor slot.

At the end, we had a performance by the Samurai Tea Master, and the performance was in response to the content of how to brew delicious tea. Since “temperature is important for good tea,” we had the audience see the difference in taste by leaching the same tea at different temperatures.

While performing, the content was maniacal. The people who come to this tea picking experience exchange event are quite tea lovers, so I thought this kind of thing would be good.