Samurai Tea Master’s Lecture” is ready! (Fureai Salon Araki at Ujitawara-cho)

On 4/7/2019, Samurai Chajin traveled to Kyoto, Japan to give a lecture in front of the Uji Tawaracho Health Center.
Samurai Chajin was born at the 2017 Tea Expo in Kyoto, and we have been doing Japanese tea shows ever since we were born. However, as Iwamoto is a Japanese tea instructor, he also gives quite a few tea classes, and the “Samurai Chajin’s Business Trip Uji Tea Lecture” was born out of a desire to somehow combine the performance and the class.

When I gave a one-hour show at the Osaka Tea Party in February, I tried to make it half a show and half an explanation of the enjoyment of tea. I was worried about how it would turn out because it was not like a show, but the audience responded well, so this time I decided to reduce the show to a classroom lecture on the types of tea, the history of Uji tea, and how to make a delicious cup of tea, with a performance in between.

The response was predictable and good for learning as well as fun to watch. So, in addition to the existing show “Samurai Chajin’s CHA Full Mai,” we have decided to offer “Samurai Chajin’s Business Trip Uji Tea Lecture” from now on.

Duration: 1 hour
Required at the venue: 4 conference tables, power supply (electrical outlets)

This is all you need to prepare. The theme we did this time was “gyokuro”, but “sencha”, “roasted tea”, “basic Uji tea”, etc. are also possible. Please let us know!