Uji tea event hosted by Samurai Chajin in 2024

The Uji Tea Event will be held on the first floor of the Kyoto Prefecture Tea Association Center (next to Takumi-no-Yakata) in Uji City.

■ Opening Day and Hour
 February 10(Sat) 11:00-16:00
 March 2(Sat) 11:00-16:00
 April 6(Sat) 11:00-16:00
 May 4(Sat) 11:00-16:00
 June 1(Sat) 11:00-16:00
 July 6(Sat) 11:00-16:00
 August 3(Sat) 11:00-16:00
 September 7(Sat) 11:00-16:00
 October 12(Sat) 11:00-16:00
 November 2(Sat) 11:00-16:00
 December 7(Sat) 11:00-16:00

■ Event Details
【Original drink of the month】(Original drink using tea: 1,000 yen per cup)
【Tea making experience】Participate in the process of making hand-rubbed tea (free of charge)!
【Tea sales】Sales of teas from the Samurai Chajin’s farm (gyokuro, tencha, sencha, hojicha, black tea, matcha, and hand-rubbed black tea)
【Tea Flea Market】 Tea cups and tea pots owned by samurai tea masters are sold at low prices.
【Tea presentation】 Let’s have a pleasant chat while brewing tea just like in the old days in Uji!