Japanese tea show and tea ceremony experience at Okuhirono Community Association

On Saturday, 11/23/2023, the Okuhirono Community Association in Uji City requested a Japanese tea show and Chakabuki.

It was a beautiful day so I decided to do it outside in the park.
Appealing to children watching from a special seat on top of a jungle gym.

The day is warm and the temperature is perfect.

Explaining about tea.
As expected of the people of Uji City, the tea capital of Japan, they are very interested in tea.

“Chakabuki” is a game of guessing the tea drink.
The winner will receive a wonderful gift.

The hour we had flew by.
Thank you, Okuhirono Community Association!
I recommend the Japanese tea show and the tea ceremony experience for community events such as neighborhood associations, children’s groups, and senior citizens’ groups!