The 3rd Yamashiro Area Tea Party

On Saturday, 11/11/2023, the 3rd Yamashiro Community Tea Party was held at Keihanna Plaza in Seika-cho.

The tea ceremony is held at various locations in the Yamashiro area, and this is the third and first time it is held in Seika Town.
As I was born and live in Seika Town, I was the head of the Japanese tea instructor’s table.

The Japanese Tea Instructor’s seat, which lasted a little over 20 minutes, consisted of matcha chakabuki.

With 135 participants, tickets sell out fast for this very popular tea party.
The secret to the popularity of this event is the variety of content, which includes not only Japanese tea instructors, but also matcha and sencha seats.

After the tea ceremony was over, we also had the opportunity to experience the matcha and sencha tea ceremony.

The tea master for the matcha tea ceremony was the mother of a classmate from elementary school, and the tea ceremony master for the sencha tea ceremony was the wife of the boss of my mother’s former employer. It is amazing how people are related.
I would like to thank everyone at Keihanna, the staff of the Yamashiro Koryu Chakai, my fellow Japanese tea instructors, and everyone who came to the event!
(All photos were taken by the photographer of the Yamashiro Tea Party.)