Japanese Tea Show at Autoworks Kyoto

On Sunday, 10/15/2023, we gave a Japanese tea show at Autoworks Kyoto in Uji for their employees. This time, the show lasted 20 minutes, and after the show, we had a tea presentation for about 5 minutes, which lasted about 30 minutes.

The rain from the previous day had stopped, and it was the first time in a long time that we had an open-air stage in the pleasant autumn weather.
There were so many kitchen cars and food stalls, and it was a wonderful place to enjoy a fun-filled time together.

I looked around the entire venue from the stage (it was a really big place) and decided to focus on the kids since most of the adults were enjoying the beer.

As expected of a company located in Uji, many tea lovers enjoyed drinking tea after the show. Gyokuro, hojicha and black tea were popular. It was cute to see small children coming back again and again to drink the same tea!

We will be happy to travel to your company’s family reunions and other events like the Samurai Chajin’s Japanese Tea Show. We look forward to hearing from you!