Participated as a guest at an event hosted by Kyoto Prefecture

On Saturday, 9/2/2023, I participated as a guest to teach about tea at the “Kyoto Fan Meeting: Invitation to Kyoto Gurashi, Mini Tea Ceremony, Come to Kyoto” held in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

This year’s theme was “tea”, so we had a basic knowledge of tea (types and history) and a game called “Chakabuki” (guessing game).

This is my first time in Tokyo for tea work. I was worried about the transportation of my belongings. I honestly don’t know if I can carry my tools without breaking them, or if I can do it anywhere without reducing the contents..,

However, despite these concerns, the weather was fine and everyone was able to enjoy the one-hour event with only what they had brought with them. With this, we can go anywhere in Japan. We look forward to seeing you at our tea classes, tea experiences, Japanese tea shows, and more!