Ujidawara Samurai tea farm

Would you like to experience tea at the Uji tea farm?

Come experience tea in Uji-Tawaracho, where Nagatani Soen, the inventor of the blue sencha method, used to live. The 2-hour tea experience costs 5,000 yen per person. The tea farm is open to the public.

Are you tired of drinking too much tea at tea events? Here, we focus on making the experience enjoyable even if you drink numerous cups by keeping the quantity as small as possible at one time.

samurai chajin

Main Points of Experience


Japanese Tea Show

You will see a show of tea brewing using the bottle-throwing flair technique.


Five kinds of tea drinking comparison

Taste the different teas while receiving explanations about each one. Find your favorite tea!


Houjicha (roasted green tea) making experience

Make hand roasted hojicha. Let’s compare the finished hojicha with the tea before it’s made to learn the difference in taste!


Chakabuki Experience

Please enjoy “Chakabuki”, a tea drinking guessing game, with Samurai Chajin’s original rules.


Making blended tea

Make your own original tea bags based on your favorite teas with your own unique blend! Please take your finished tea home with you.


Photography is allowed in the tea plantation

Let’s actually touch the tea in the tea plantation, which you cannot usually enter. Boots for rent are also available.


Restroom available.

There are usually no toilets in the tea fields, but don’t worry. Temporary toilets are available.


Events are available

Events will be held according to the season, such as making hand-rubbed tea, Kyo-bancha and black tea. Please check the schedule.

Ujicha(Japanese green tea) Experience


Japanese Tea Show

Watching wonderful Japanese Tea Show!


Making Hojicha

Making Roasted Tea(Hojicha) by yourself!


Tea Testing Game

Can you find which Tea is the right Tea?


Making Blend Tea

Let’s make some good tea!