[2024 Samurai Chajin Hosts] Uji Tea Event in July

On Saturday, July 6, from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Uji tea event “What a tea! will be held at the Kyoto Prefecture Tea Association Center(located next to the Takumi-no-Yakata). From this time, the hojicha making experience will be accompanied by a drink (either ‘Hiyashi-ame'(chilled ginger sweet drink) or premium green tea). In addition, there will be a free hand-rubbed tea experience, a flea market of tea utensils, and tea sales by Samurai Chajin.
(1) Houjicha making experience (1,000 yen)
   Includes drink and sweets. You can take home some hojicha as a souvenir.
   You can choose from chilled Hiyashi-ame or high quality green tea.
(2) Drink of the Month (500 yen)
   Chilled Hiyashi-ame or high quality green tea
(3) Hand-rubbing tea experience (free)
   You can experience the process of hand-rubbing tea.
(4) Flea market of tea utensils
   Tea utensils donated by tea shops that have gone out of business are sold at low prices. You may be able to find some great bargains in tea bowls, teapots, etc.!
(5) Samurai Chajin’s Tea Sales
   Various teas including 2024 Gyokuro and black tea are on sale (from 500 yen), and tasting is available.
■ This is one of the few chances to enter the Kyoto Prefecture Tea Association Center, which is usually closed!

If you would like to meet Samurai Chajin and tea lovers, please come and visit us!