Nanyo High School’s Cultural Festival Collaboration

On 2023/9/8 (Fri.) and 9 (Sat.), Kyoto Prefectural Nanyo High School held a two-day cultural festival.
For the first time, Samurai Chajin collaborated with the high school in an effort to “open a store in collaboration with a local company” to sell tea drink.

This initiative will be undertaken by first-year high school students.

First, we went to the school a few days ago to work on making the ingredients for the hojicha we will be selling.

The students tasted each tea they roasted and researched which depth of roasting was best.
We decided to sell three types of tea: a shallow roasted hojicha, a deep roasted hojicha, and a pre-roasted sencha.

The classroom decorations and layout are all original to the students.

On the day of the festival, we served them cold with a light flare performance.

Of course, the students were the ones who made the food, so I taught them the techniques and flow of the food on the day, but they kept getting better and better, as expected of high school students.

This is the kind of thing,

It’s wonderful that you don’t forget to have fun with the customers who come to make these things.

Finally, a commemorative photo.

Thank you very much, Class 1-4!