Japanese Tea Instructor Work

I have been giving lectures on Uji tea at various places for the past year. Last year, most of the lectures were for children, but this year, many of them were for adults in general.

The influence of the Samurai tea masters has made their hairstyles unique, and the green bow tie that matches the tea has become an established part of the instructor’s activities.

In 2018, 23 times was the instructor’s job. The Kyoto Branch really has a lot of work to do, and I can only be thankful for that.

From April, I was able to join the staff at Takumi no Yakata as a staff member. 13 days from April to December. I have more and more opportunities to tell people from overseas about the charm of Uji tea, and I have started studying to translate my current knowledge of tea into English and Chinese, and I am planning to do my best more and more.